Meet Our Coordinators

Ruth Hartman


Responsible for convening and presiding over congregational and church council meetings; nominating committee members, with approval of Church Council; creation, assessments and adjustments to the church's purpose and mission statements. 

Paul Weintraub

Vice Moderator

Responsible for convening and presiding over congregational and church council meetings in the absence of Moderator; identification and/or development of activities appropriate for church leadership training

Keith Pacheco


Responsible for supervision of church’s financial staff, funds disbursement, tax forms, cash position, investment funds, monthly financial reports, and annual budget

Joy Keller

Recording Secretary

Responsible for recording, maintaining and distribution of all minutes of church meetings proceedings, as well as updating the official membership record book 

Bob Gallagher

 Chairperson of Administrative Ministries​

Responsible for oversight of finances, budgets, stewardship, property, building use, personnel, and trustees


Chairperson of Outreach

Responsible for initiation, promotion, awareness and implementation of social justice projects; recommendations on new initiatives and continuing grant applications; enhancing awareness and participation in denominational activities with the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Charlene Stanley

Chairperson of Congregational Ministries 

Responsible for organization and initiation of related activities to support worship events; organization, creation and support of Christian education/faith formation for all ages; and oversight of church social activities.

David Keller

Chairperson of Communications and Visibility

Responsible for all publicity, which includes but is not limited to the church's website, Facebook pages and Instagram account