Our Story

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to bear witness to the abundant love of God as evidenced in the life and teachings of Jesus by extending radical hospitality and seeking justice as a faith community.

Our Mission

The mission of United Christian Church is to actively participate in the transforming ministry of Jesus in the world by:

A Union Congregation

United Christian Church is part of two denominational families, the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), and relates to all our local and regional ecumenical groups.  Through these connections we can have experiences that go beyond what any one local church can offer—opportunities to serve and opportunities to learn and grow.

The Myers Family and Levittown

"Born and raised in York, Pennsylvania, Myers had served a two-and-a-half year stint during World War II in the U.S. Army. Returning home, he attended college on the GI bill, married, and had begun to raise a family. Within a few years, he had obtained employment as an engineer in a refrigeration test laboratory in Trenton. Daisy had already held a bachelor’s degree in education.

During the five previous years, using what can best be described as blatant racial discrimination, the 15,500 homes already occupied in Levittown had been sold only to whites — or to those who could pass as white. All other potential buyers had been systematically turned away by the Levitt organization."

Read more from 60 years later, the Levittown shame that still lingers by Jerry Jonas at phillyburbs.com.

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