Listen to Pastor Michele Schenk read this bedtime story, "Bedtime Mouse", written by Sandol Stoddard and illustrated by Lynn Munsinger. It is a bedtime story in which a child finds that there are all sorts of wondrous things around the house and in his/her very own head as he/she heads to bed.

Listen to Shannon (with a helper!) read this week's children's story,

"Snuggle Puppy". This book was written by beloved children's author and illustrator, Sandra Boynton. Starring a big dog and a little puppy, "Snuggle Puppy"is a sweet and reassuring love song from parent to child.

One of our members (Ms. Shannon) reads this week's children's story, "God Loves Us All, Big and Small". This book was written by Laura Neutzling and illustrated by Cory Jones. In it, some of our favorite VeggieTales characters learn that God loves each of us, no matter what shape or size we may be!

Listen along with United Christian Church's Mr. Al as he reads this week's children's story, "Where the Wild Things Are", a classic tale/picture book written by Maurice Sendak.

Follow the travels of a young boy named Max as he discovers a land filled with wild creatures and learns that being in charge isn't as easy as he may think.

Follow along with Pastor Michele Schenk as she reads the story of "The Quiltmaker's Gift", by authors Jeff Brumbea and Gail De Marcken. "The Quiltmaker's Gift" celebrates the quilting tradition, the value of generosity, and the spirit of community in a beautiful and touching fable for our times. This richly illustrated picture book celebrates the joy of giving and gently emphasizes the age-old truth that material wealth does not necessarily buy happiness. 

Here is this week's children's story, "I Love You Because You're You", written by Liza Baker and read here by UCC"s very own Grace Sanna. In this warm and fuzzy hug of a book, we are reminded that a caretaker's love knows no bounds. Here at United Christian Church, this message is a reminder that God's love is for ALL of us, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion.