United Christian Church has made the decision to reopen our building for the Adult Forum, Sunday Worship, and After Worship Fellowship.

Reminders upon Returning to our Building: 

  •  We are requiring that everyone who comes will be fully vaccinated, from age 12 up.

  • Wearing a mask will be required for ALL.

  • Hand sanitizer stations will be available.

  • We are going to observe appropriate social distancing.

  • In Worship we are going “hands free” and we will not be singing congregational hymns.

 We will continue using the same safety precautions as before as we once again test the waters, as well as monitoring the situation to reduce the restrictions as soon as it is safe.

We will  still meet via Zoom for Worship, the  Adult Forum and After Worship Fellowship. You can also dial in to be connected to our meetings. 

 Please contact the office any weekday between 8:30 am - 12:30 pm if you have any questions.  (215) 946-6800  


Adult Forum 

Every Sunday  9:00-10:00 AM

Welcome Back to our Adult Forum at 9am! Come check us out in person (masked and vaccinated only please) or experience on new "Zoom Room".  Our sessions of the Adult Forum will focus on presenting options on a variety of possible topics, as well as to hear your input on what other topics you would like the Adult Forum to consider. Your input  will be very helpful to determine the direction the Adult Forum will take.  The link to the adult forum will appear in this week's announcements or you can email the church office for additional information: ucclevittown@verizon.net

Church Council Meeting

Second Sunday of Every Month, 12:00 - 1:30 PM 

The church council, including all our coordinators and some of our clergy in residence, meet the second Sunday of every month to discuss all matters of the church. This meeting is open to all members and friends of the church. 

Zoom Room.jpeg